Cana's Feast Winery Rebrand & Design

The Cana's Feast rebrand was a robust project including written content for their brand story and creation of brand guidelines, word mark, logo design, and typography, wine bottle labeling system; capsules, corks, front and back labels for 30+ varietals and blends. Research and development of the Family/Blanket system including color palette, pattern design, family crest, and commissioned artwork. Collateral for print and digital materials included brand business cards, wine rack cards, brochure, newsletter, cellar club sign up, media kit, product sheet and winery menu.


Inspiration: The Story of Color Palette and Blanket Design

From Designer, Grace Potts:

The etymology of the family blanket was born out of a love of heirloom quilts, handed down for generations. This familiar ritual among families all over the world, and here in the Pacific Northwest, helped established a visual language to implement the deep-seated European tradition of the family crest. With the guidance of a librarian well practiced in historical and regional crests, I selected elements with both aesthetic appeal and familial, regional significance, developing a unique pattern for each family of wine. Once this phase was completed, it was time to create color palettes that were grounded in regional reference while still supporting any auxiliary items (i.e. seasonal design collateral). I began by collecting beautiful, regionally focused photography, and paired that imagery with artwork that set the mood and fell in line with the naturally occurring environmental color palettes. From there it was a matter of establishing guidelines that would help inform a series of colors that would not be pigeon holed into any particular seasonal or meaningful associations, and that would stand both alone and as a series on the tasting floor. The outcome was an unexpected collection of hues that are both intriguing and easy on the eye.


Hidden Stories:

Tucked within our family tables are points of discovery beyond the obvious blanket. Our constellation, named for Table Mountain, home to the Twelve Apostles mountain range. A wine jug (like one you might find in a depiction of the Feast at Cana) houses a bundle of blooms selected from each region for which the families are named. Iris (Bordeaux), red poppies (Bourgogne), rhododendron (Italy), and lavender (Rhone).