juliet zulu profile films

These profile films are a series of not-for-profit films that highlight Portland community members who embody the JZ motto, Stay Brave, in their actions, ethics and practices. 

caring for giants

A profile film that documents the amazing arborist, Jim Meyers and his team at Hedgehog Tree Care here in Portland Oregon.

Special thanks to Hedgehog Tree Care. To learn more, please visit: hedgehogtree.com
Credits on Vimeo

Ari's bike

This profile film follows US Army Veteran, Ari Sonnenberg throughout the streets of Portland, OR as he describes his 15 years in combat, his transition into civilian life and his struggle with the Veterans Affairs system. Throughout everything in Ari's life, cycling has been a constant source of therapy and joy.
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wolf and the bees

This profile film follows the beekeeper, Wolf Carr, as he brings us to his honey bee colonies outside Portland Oregon.

Special thanks to Wolf Carr. To learn more, please visit: facebook.com/WolfHoney
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This profile film follows Bim Ditson and Rigsketball, a bracket style basketball tournament featuring 32 Portland bands played on a regulation height hoop attached to the back of Bim's band's tour van. Through sweat, skinned knees, and a DIY ethos, Bim's dedication to building a living, breathing music community is unrivaled.
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