Short Films

Escape Velocity was originally a scene in the film, Space Bitch, a film that played only once at the experimental A/VEC program in Portland Oregon on July 7th, 2016.

More info: Marmoset Journal

Space Bitch Trailer

Escape Velocity

Written and Directed by Zak Davis


Joey has a fear of symmetry.



A Holliday Picture
A Juliet Zulu Production

Written and Directed by Zachary Davis
Produced by Meg Weber and Zachary Davis

Andrew Robinson
Joseph Piacentini

Original Music by Clint Snow
Edited by Skot Coatsworth
Cinematography by Everett Nate Yockey
Visual Effects by Ivan Vidovic
Assistant Camera by Duncan O'Bryan
Production Coordination by Peter Black
Production Assistance by Lindsay Black
Art Department by Jeff Johnson

Making of Symmetropia

Directed & Edited by Skot Coatsworth



Producing the campaigns that took our team across the globe was, on its own, a rewarding process. But to see this creation by the brilliant Skot Coatsworth, using an arduous procedure of single image processing through the photo app Prisma, cemented the memories in a truly magical place.

Created using the Prisma App:

Last year our team traveled the world, executing a global ad campaign for a leading sportswear company. From the buzzing streets of Tokyo to the time capsule that is Havana, we captured content on nearly every continent. The pace was quick, sleep was a rare luxury, and when we found ourselves in a city with reliable cell service, the relationships with our friends and family were maintained through sporadic FaceTime calls. Thus the JETLAGPONYCLUB hashtag was born as a way for our loved ones to journey alongside us throughout the various social media platforms. Armed with a stockpile of cameras, we ended the year with hundreds of hours of footage scattered across the edit room floor, mostly unscripted B-Roll we shot in transit. And there it sat, gathering dust, until recently. After coming across the Prisma App and toying with its ability to transform video into dream-like animations, it became apparent that the perfect vehicle to revisit our travels had presented itself. This project is an exploration of those bits and pieces we collected over the 9 months that we floated somewhere between dreaming and waking life, small vignettes that, through the implementation of this powerful app, seem to mimic the subjective experience of the jet lagged ponies that captured it. To find more photos and videos, please search Instagram for #jetlagponyclub. Enjoy and thanks for watching.